How to hide your phone number when using iMessage?

08:14, 31/7/2015

In some cases, you need to use iMessage to communicate with strangers but don't want them to know your phone number because of privacy reason. If it is the case, this article will help you to hide your phone number when using iMessage.

Xperia Smart call handling – using gestures to answer, reject calls, and silence ringer

07:49, 31/7/2015

Since Xperia Z2, Sony has introduced a cool feature which allows users to answer, reject calls and silence ringer with convenient gestures. This feature works with Sony Xperia Z2 and later phone models such as Xperia Z3, T3, Z3 Compact, and etc. The feature is disable by default. To use it, please follow these simple steps

How to prevent any app from using cellular data in iOS

04:50, 29/7/2015

By default, all apps are allowed to use mobile data / cellular data. So it'll cost you a lot of money if you use apps that consume a great deal of mobile data like YouTube, Apple Music, Facetime .etc. Here is the way to prevent any app of using mobile data in iOS.  

Be more effective with combination of Cortana and built-in Alarm app

15:49, 27/7/2015

Since I discover this amazing combination, I use it every day. It helps me to conveniently timing naps, meditation time, and etc. And this is how it works

Chat with Cortana

07:39, 27/7/2015

Are you bored? Are you using a Windows Phone device? Why don’t you share your feeling with your digital assistant, Cortana, let her surprise and entertain you with her smart and charming answers?

How to set Apple Music song as your alarm sound

04:04, 27/7/2015

Many of us feel annoyed in the morning by boring repeated stock alarm sound. Now, if you're using Apple Music, you can set any song in Apple Music as an alarm sound. Here is how to do it!

How to prevent auto renewal after trial time of Apple Music

09:10, 24/7/2015

Apple Music offers free 3 months trial for every user and by default, it will automatic renew after trial time is ended. If you don't want to pay for Apple Music service after the trial time you should turn off its auto renewal option.

How can you advance time to play game with time restriction on smartphones?

08:32, 24/7/2015

Now, many games on smartphones have time restrictions. This is a trick from game publishers to target on players' addiction. If the game is interesting enough, players have to pay or buy some items to continue playing. Here is the trick to advance time to overcome the time restrictions on smartphone games.

How to listen stored songs on the iPhone with Apple Music

09:43, 22/7/2015

Apple Music is the online streaming music service of Apple Inc. It helps you to listen to music everywhere anytime as long as there is an internet connection. You also can download and listen music offline. However, in case you don't have an internet or you're worrying about cellular data usage, you might want to listen to the music you have downloaded to your iPhone. Here is a quick way to make a filter to see those songs only.

Live translate using camera lens with Microsoft Translator app

11:02, 21/7/2015

Google Translate app and its live translate feature with camera lens is not available on Windows Store. However, if you still fancy this feature, you can have it on your Windows Phone devices with Microsoft Translate app.